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Maximize Your Hotel Revenue - Hotel Reservation Software

Looking for a good hotel reservation software (system)?

We will provide you with a hotel reservation software (system) , plus aggressive Internet Marketing solution. We guarantee a minimum of 50% more reservations from your own hotel website within 12 months.

You don't have to worry about your internet marketing for your hotel website. We will attract visitors to your hotel website using our search engine optimization strategies.

Your guests can easily book their rooms using their credit card. Our hotel reservation software (system) provides instant confirmation.

Truly, a hassle-free solution for you and your guests!

We will work with you to improve the performance of your website and your online reservation.

The best part: there are no setup cost, hardware cost or software cost.

Plus, we will provide sponsored ad management which gives your hotel paid advertisement with Yahoo and Google at no additional cost. We give you more value at no extra fee.

Wherever your hotel is located in the world, we can integrate our hotel reservation software inside your hotel website. Location is not a problem!

As long as you can communicate with us through telephone and email to us your hotel details, we can make the hotel reservation system online within 15 working days. All the integration will be done by us.

Our service fee is among the lowest in the industry.

Let the professionals in direct reservations boost your hotel business!

System Details:

Our reservation system features are as stated below.
  1. Up to 30-day availability and pricing window.
  2. Instant confirmation onlineCredit card payment processing system
  3. Automated modification and cancellationSSL security.
  4. You can also configure the following items in the Hotel User Interface.
  5. Room allocationRoom ratesPolicy settingUser module

Frequestly Asled Question about our hotel reservation software (system)

Why would (or why should) hotels want direct bookings?

Industry trends show that online surfers (also known as Internet users) are increasingly booking directly on official hotel websites, bypassing travel portals (ex. World Wide Hotels) and online travel agents (ex. Expedia), though visitors looking for hotels continue to use them for price comparisons. Having said that, Expedia had, at one time, US$550 million in revenues in one fiscal quarter alone. There is a huge market out there.

When a guest books directly on the hotel’s website, the hotel stands to earn more money and that guest's loyalty. Also, the more bookings done through the official hotel website, the better the return on the investment the hotel made in building it.

How do you make potential guests aware of the hotel reservation software (system)?

We makes potential guests aware of the hotel reservation software (system) by driving website visitors and guests to the official hotel website. How do we do that?

We attracts visitors to book at the hotel by using a mix of hotel Internet marketing strategies that increases the website’s visibility on the Web and makes sure that more guests can visit it.

Our Internet marketing for hotels includes:
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Paid advertising campaign management
  3. Travel directory listings
  4. Affiliate website marketing

Overall, we provides a comprehensive, risk-free program package designed to empower the small to medium-sized chain and independent Hotels to have successful hotel reservation system.

How long is a hotel expected to commit to us?

The Service Subscription Agreement with us is open-ended with no minimum commitment period. Should the hotel wish to terminate the hotel reservation software (system) program, no termination charges will be assessed.

How soon can the hotel avail of our hotel reservation software (system)?

A hotel can be empowered by our hotel reservation software (system) on its official hotel website within 15 business days from the date it signed the Service Subscription Agreement, provided that the hotel has furnished us with all the information requested.

To get more potential reservations for the hotel as quickly as possible, we will also launch the advertising campaign that is specifically designed to market the hotel’s brand name and to attract more guests.

How does a hotel know if a guest has made a reservation?

Every time a reservation is made, modified, or cancelled, the front-end of the hotel reservation system, called the Guest Interface, automatically generates an email notice to the hotel and to our Reservations Management team.

In addition to the email notice, the Hotelier Interface logs all the reservations, including information that includes the guest's personal details and the room reservation details.

Can guests modify or cancel his/her reservation?

Yes. A guest can make modifications (changes in her/his reservation, including length of stay, dates, number of rooms, and room types) online, provided s/he modify her/his reservation within the limits of the hotel’s Cancellation and No-Show policies.

Guests can also cancel their reservations within the limits of the hotel’s Cancellation and No-Show policies. If a guest changes the dates of their reservation, the new dates reset the cancellation period under the hotel’s Cancellation and No-Show policies.

Does the Hotel have to install any hotel reservation software?

No. Our hotel reservation software (system) of services is provided on an Application Service Provider (ASP) model.

How does a guest pay?

A guest making a reservation through the Guest Interface on the official hotel website must make a non-refundable reservation guarantee deposit, equal to 10% of the reservation’s total room charge, with a valid credit card. The remaining balance of the reservation cost will be settled by the guest directly with the hotel in accordance with the hotel’s policies.

The guest shall automatically receive a copy of his reservation confirmation through the email address he registers on the system. Likewise, he has the option to “print” or “save” a copy of the confirmation page on his computer once the 10% down payment is received.

Does using our hotel reservation software (system) Guest Interface’s online payment facility have any other advantages?

Surveys show that when a guest pays a deposit on a reservation, the incidence of no-shows drops to two percent (2%). Therefore, the 10% non-refundable reservation guarantee deposit collected at the time that the reservation was made lessens the risk for the Hotel.

Furthermore, our Guest Interface’s online payment facility allows hotels to charge a guest its cancellation and no-show penalties in accordance with the hotel’s cancellation and no-show policies. No other reservation system offers this feature.

The combination of these features greatly minimizes the reservation risk for the Hotel.

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Wordlinx - Get Paid To Click, Get Paid To Read Email, GPT, PTC, PTR

Wordlinx : General Questions.

1. How does WordLinx work?

Advertisers pay members to visit their websites. Members are paid $0.01 USD per click. Members must visit each advertiser's site for a minimum of 30 seconds. WordLinx charges advertisers a small commission of 10% + $1.99 USD per order to support running costs. Find out more here.

2. Can I earn from referring new members?

Yes, you will earn $0.05 USD for every new member that signs up and clicks several adverts. You will also earn 5% of their earnings from clicking adverts and 5% (up to $25.00 USD!) per sale if they buy visitors. If your referral upgrades to a paid membership, you will earn $0.50 USD on 3 levels. Pro members earn double. Please login and click Referrals, then Referral Information to find out more.

3. How much does it cost to join?

WordLinx is free to join. The amount you can earn is unlimited!

4. How much do I have to earn before I get paid?

You must have a minimum of $10.00 USD in your Available Balance (see cashout page) before you can request payment. This keeps admin costs and transfer fees to a minimum. Members can also spend Earned Credits on visitors or products. Please check our Terms for full details.

5. How can I be sure that I'll get paid?

WordLinx is owned by an international media company. Unlike many other internet ventures where the owners can easily pick up and run, WordLinx is part of a real world business. We provide high quality support for free so you can always be sure that your questions will be answered.

WordLinx members only get paid when advertisers spend. This is NOT a High Yeild Investment Program (HYIP), a Multi Level Marketing scheme (MLM), or Ponzi scheme. With WordLinx, there is no investment involved. Advertisers only spend money in return for real online advertising.

WordLinx is a Certified Paying Program (verify) and our service has been online for over 5 years. You can search online to see proof of our payments to current WordLinx members.

6. What are your cashout fees?

Automatic Payments have a WordLinx fee of 5%. You will not be charged a fee by PayPal as that is paid for you. For example, if you withdraw $10.00 USD you will be paid $9.50 USD instantly.

Manual Payments have a PayPal fee of up to 6.9% (source). You will not be charged a fee by WordLinx. For example, if you withdraw $10.00 USD you will be paid $9.31 USD within 30 days.

7. Can other members of my family join?

Only one member per household. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.

8. How do I get started?

Click here to complete our sign-up form, then wait for the confirmation email. Click the link in the message to activate your account. Login to your account to start earning or advertising.

Important: You must have a PayPal account to get paid by WordLinx. It's free to join and lets you accept online payments both quickly and securely. Click here to sign-up today. Do you have a great idea to start a website or online business?

Do you have a great idea to start a website or online business?

Do you have a great idea to start a website or online business, but lack the knowledge, experience or confidence in your technical skills? Or perhaps you've already created a simple blog or website, but you know it just doesn't look professional enough. There are effective solutions to these problems through outsourcing. The internet has opened up the global pool for technical talent that you can tap in to through the online work marketplace,

Elance has a huge database of skilled professionals to match up with your requirements for the work you need to get done. You can post a description of the project and allow for open bidding from talented professionals, or you can invite selected professionals to submit a proposal.

Elance is your one-stop complete solution for hiring experts, managing the work and paying for the results upon completion. Once a talented professional is found and business terms are agreed upon, milestones can be set within Elance to measure progress. Through Elance you're able to communicate and collaborate with the contractor and review status reports to track the project through completion.

Milestones or whole projects can be pre-funded using the escrow service built into the system. This gives piece of mind to both the provider and the employer that payment is available and will be made once the milestone or job is completed to satisfaction. Once the job is completed, you have the ability to leave a feedback rating on six areas of the service providers’ performance.

If you need to get work done, for example building or improving a website, shopping cart integration, marketing copy written, search engine optimization, database programming, or a host of other tasks, then there really is no easier, safer and more complete solution than posting the job on Elance and letting an experienced professional take the stress and work out of your hands.

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