Monday, August 31, 2009

How create Paypal Buy Now Button in Paypal SandBox - Testing Environment.(Part 2)

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To Sign Up Paypal Account, Click Here.

How create Paypal Buy Now Button in Paypal SandBox - Testing Environment.(Part 2)

Once you have setup your Seller Account, select the Seller Account and Click Enter SandBox Test Site. (ScreenShot 1)

You will be directed to Paypal SandBox, enter the username and password that you created for Seller Account just now. (ScreenShot 2)

You will access the Seller's Account, (ScreenShot 3)

To Create Buy Now Button.
  1. Click the Merchant Services Tab. (ScreenShot 4)
  2. Click the Buy Now Button
  3. Enter your Button Type and Payment Details.(ScreenShot 5)
  4. For testing purpose, I entered the following details:
  5. Accept payments for : Product
  6. Do you want your customers to buy multiple products before they check out? : I select No, I just want to create the Buy Now Button
  7. Shipping : 2 USD
  8. Tax Rate : 5 %
  9. Merchant ID for purchase transactions: Use the Secure merchant account ID for security reason.
  10. Click Create Button
  11. System will generate the Buy Now Button Code.(ScreenShot 6)
  12. Copy the code.
  13. Open Microsoft NotePad, paste the code in it.(ScreenShot 7)
  14. Save the file as .html file.

You have just completed to first step to embark in ecommerce.

Now open you HTML file which, you just created using Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. You will see the Buy Now Button in the page.(ScreenShot 8)

Click the Buy Now Button, you will directed to Paypal Payment gateway. (ScreenShot 9)

Use the Buyer Account Username and Password to make the payment. .

Once you have log in, Review Your Payment if it is all correct, check the terms and conditions (ScreenShot 10).

How many times you need to pay. Your shipping address.

If everything is alright then , click Pay Now.

System will generate the following messages after your payments:(ScreenShot 11)

Test, thank you for your payment

Transaction ID: 6LM30294CB843815U
An email with your order summary has been sent to

To check your Buyer Payment details, Click Go to PayPal Account Overview link in Thank You Page of the payment. (ScreenShot 12)

You can check the payment in the Buyer account.

To check whether your Seller Receive the payment, Log Out your Buyer Account.

Access Paypal SandBox using your Seller's Username & Password. (ScreenShot 13)

You will see the transaction details in your account. Paypal will deduct their service fee from total payment amount.

For more details, Click the Details link for the payment.(ScreenShot 14)

Hope you find this tutorial use and good luck trying.

ScreenShot 1

ScreenShot 2

ScreenShot 3

ScreenShot 4

ScreenShot 5

ScreenShot 6

ScreenShot 7

ScreenShot 8

ScreenShot 9

ScreenShot 10

ScreenShot 11

ScreenShot 12

ScreenShot 13

ScreenShot 14

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To Sign Up Paypal Account, Click Here.

How to create Paypal Buy Now Button in Paypal SandBox - Testing Environment.(Part 1)

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To Sign Up Paypal Account, Click Here.

How to create Paypal Buy Now Button in Paypal SandBox - Testing Environment.(Part 1)

The steps to create Paypal Buy Now button for your product / service is very easy using Paypal. You don't have to know hard coding programming skill, only basic Html is good enough.

I will show you how to create the Buy Now button using Sandbox Environment.

Using Paypal Sandbox, you could test the payment integration safely in test mode.

Once you are confident enough with your coding then you could use it for actual online payments or donation.

Go to and sign up a free Paypal SandBox account. (ScreenShot 1) There pictures below.

Fill in your details, agree to the terms and condition and then click Agree and Submit. (ScreenShot 2)

Once your SandBox Signup Complete, you will get email regarding your account (ScreenShot 3). Please check your email for details. Check you email to activate your SandBox account.

Access your email account and click the activation link.(ScreenShot 4)

Once you have click the link, you have successfully sign up. (ScreenShot 5)

Enter your username and password to enter the SandBox.

Once, you have access the SandBox (ScreenShot 6), you need to create one buyer account and another seller account.

To Create Buyer Account: (ScreenShot 7)
  1. Click Test Account
  2. Click Create a preconfigured buyer or seller account.
  3. Select You Country.
  4. Select Buyer for Account Type
  5. Enter your Username and Password for your dummy email account.
  6. Click Create Account

SandBox will notify you as follows once your buyer account setup : (ScreenShot 8)

You have successfully created a test account. You can view email for this account on the Test Email tab.

Your Email username will be different then what you typed earlier, it is system generate. Note down your email username.

Buyer Username :

If you want to get the details of your account, then Click View Details for the test account.(ScreenShot 9)

To Create Seller Account, the steps are just same as mentioned above, for the Account Type choose Seller. That is it. Follow the steps and create a Seller Account.

Seller Username :

ScreenShot 1

ScreenShot 2

ScreenShot 3

ScreenShot 4

ScreenShot 5

ScreenShot 6

ScreenShot 7

ScreenShot 8

ScreenShot 9

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To Sign Up Paypal Account, Click Here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What is Tissue Pack Marketing

Tissue Pack Marketing

I am familiar with marketing buzz terms such as guerrilla marketing & word of mouth marketing, but Tissue Pack Marketing just discovered today.

I came across this new marketing buzz term today while searching some information about guerrilla marketing.

What is Tissue Pack Marketing?

Basically the concept is to use Tissue Paper as a marketing tool. It was developed by Mr Hiroshi Mori in 1960

Japanese people are quite creative in coming up with new inventions and ideas.

With 4 billion tissue packs distributed in Japan yearly it is a very effective marketing tool.

For a cost of 10 yen to 25 yen per unit, companies can easily market their products and services to their potential customer.

Not only that, it is much more effective compared to flyer's. Why ?

People will be keeping it longer compared to flyer's so the potential of your customer going through your promotional details will be higher.

It is not my theory, but based on market research conducted by Marsh Research

The idea of using tissue pack will slowly catch up in other countries.

In USA, is promoting this idea and their tag line is “We Think of Tissues Differently” .

They are from Japan.

One of their customers, Commerce Bank tested this method and found it very effective.

Mr Ron Mendoza, Vice President of Merchandising for Commerce Bank described that the campaign of using Tissue Pack was very successful because of the following factors.

The per unit cost of Tissue Pack is very cost effective
The quality of the product.
The level of branding it gives. Distributed to 2.4 million customers
They can easily distribute Commerce Bank coupon.

The idea of using Tissue Pack as Marketing tool can be replicated to other items that are low cost per unit and has useful functionality.

Here comes a new marketing buzz word from Japan.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Become A Mystery Shopper and Get Paid For Shopping?

Have you ever wondered whether there is a way to get paid for shopping?

Become a Mystery Shopper with GAPbuster to enjoy free meals and petrol by doing some customer service reviews for some the world's biggest brands.

You can do your free shopping as a part time. This is a another interesting way to make money part time basis.

However, before you select the job please ensure that you are totally free that time.

So, if you are staying in one of the following countries, then most probably you would be eligible to become a Mystery Shopper and average payment for assigments are as stated below.

  1. USA/Canada: $10 - $17
  2. Australia/New Zealand: $9 - $16
  3. United Kingdom: £6 - £19
  4. Europe: €9 - €16
  5. Norway: 95 - 130 NOK
  6. Sweden: 110 - 140 SEK
  7. Denmark: 85 - 115 DEK
  8. Japan: 770 - 4000 (Yen¥)
  9. Korea: 7,000 - 28,000 (KRW)
  10. Taiwan: 220 - 295 (TW$)
  11. Singapore: 14 - 27 (SG$)
  12. Malaysia: 17 - 43 (RM)
  13. Hong Kong: 53 - 100 (HK$)

For other countries, please find out with GAPbuster whether there is any opportunity to become a Mystery Shopper.

In addition, you need to have Internet Access, Email Account and a printer (optional) to become a Mystery Shopper.


To sign for the program, Click Here. Once accepted you could have fun !

Basically, the steps are as follows:
  1. Sign up to become a Mystery Shopper.
  2. Log on to Mystery Shopper portal.
  3. Complete the orientation training for the brand you want and download the relevant materials.
  4. Choose the assignment you want where and when.
  5. Visit the brand premise and make your evaluation.
  6. Once done, send your results and receipt online within 8 hours to get paid.

Normally one assignment takes about 15 - 20 minute to complete it. However before the evaluation, you need go through the evaluation guidelines and understand each requirement and steps that you need to make a proper evaluation.

For each job completed between 1st and 30th, you will paid by the 24th of the next month.

You must report your evaluation within 8 hours of completing the task and please remember to report the evaluation according to the brand requirements.

If you failed to report on time within 8 hours of completing the task, you will not get paid.No free meals !

Number of assignments you want to complete per month, is up to you. Experienced Mystery Shoppers could complete 20 assignments per month.

For further details, please visit GAPBuster Frequently Asked Questions link below.

Monday, August 3, 2009

How to add social bookmarks to blogger and wordpress ?

How to add social bookmarks to blogger and wordpress ?

I have been searching for a plugin which I can add in Social Bookmarking plugin to my

However most of the instruction that I found was bit tedious and you need add in the code itself in your blogger html file manually.

Luckily, I found this Social Bookmarking plugin developed which enable us to add the codes automatically.

Your reader could easily digg your site, mixx it and even tweet it. Plus they could easily email your blog details to their friends.

You name it, they have almost all the major social bookmarking sites.

So, to add in the code. You need to sign up Publisher Account with ShareThis. It's FREE.

Once you have sign up, then just follow the screen shots below to add in yoursocial bookmarking plugin to your blogger, wordpress or any other websites.

Step 1 : Sign In To Your Account

Step 2 : Click My Account

Step 3 : Click Customize Button

Step 4 : Customize your plugin

Step 5 : Choose Blogger & Click Get ShareThis Code

Step 6 : Click Add To Blogger

Step 7 : Sign in to your Blogger Account

Step 8 : Select your Blog & Click Add Widget

Step 9 : Arrange the widget position & Click Save

Step 10 : Open your blog in new window.

Step 11 : ShareThis Social Bookmarking plugin installed properly in blog.

Step 12 : Just Digg my blog !

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