Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Learn to create Paypal Donate Button and help your charity organization.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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Learn to create Paypal Donate Button and help your charity organization. 

You could easily help your charity organization by adding Paypal Donate button at your websites to collect donation.

Your visitors can make the donation using Paypal or Credit Card.
The steps are very straightforward, you could easily embed it.
First of all, you need to have Buyer Account & Seller Account to learn this tutorial, please refer to this tutorial to create the accounts (Part 1 only)..
Once you have setup your Seller Account, select the Seller Account and ClickEnter SandBox Test Site. (ScreenShot 1)
You will be directed to Paypal SandBox, enter the username and password that you created for Seller Account just now. (ScreenShot 2)
You will access the Seller's Account, (ScreenShot 3)

To Create Donate Button.
  1. Click the Merchant Services Tab. (ScreenShot 4)
  2. Click the Donate Link
  3. Enter your Button Type and Payment Details.(ScreenShot 5)
  4. For testing purpose, I entered the following details:
  5. Accept payments for : Donation
  6. Organization name/service : Test Organization
  7. Currency : USD
  8. Contribution amount : I choose > Donors enter their own contribution amount.
  9. Merchant ID for purchase transactions: Use the Secure merchant account ID for security reason.
  10. Click Create Button
  11. System will generate the Donate Button Code.(ScreenShot 6)
  12. Copy the code.
  13. Open Microsoft NotePad, paste the code in it.(ScreenShot 7)
  14. Save the file as .html file.
Now you could ask donation for your charity organization.
Now open you HTML file which, you just created using Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. You will see the Donate Button in the page.(ScreenShot 8)
Click the Donate Button, you will directed to Paypal Payment gateway. (ScreenShot 9)
Enter your donation amount, click Update Total (ScreenShot 10)
Use the Buyer Account Username and Password to make the payment.
Once you have log in, Please Review Your Donation. (ScreenShot 11).
If everything is alright then , click Donate $10 USD Now

System will generate the following messages after your donation:(ScreenShot 12)
  1. Test, your donation is now complete
  2. Confirmation number: 38625471092721641.
  3. An email with your donation details has been sent to and you can print your donation receipt.

To check your Buyer Donation details, Click Go to PayPal Account Overviewlink in Thank You Page of the payment. (ScreenShot 12)
You can check the donation made in the Buyer account.(ScreenShot 13)
To check whether your Seller Receive the donation, Log Out your Buyer Account.
Access Paypal SandBox using your Seller's Username & Password. (ScreenShot 14)
You will see the donation details in your account. Paypal will deduct their service fee from total donation amount.
For more details, Click the Details link for the donation.(ScreenShot 15)
Hope you find this tutorial useful and good luck trying in the real world.

ScreenShot 1

ScreenShot 2

ScreenShot 3

ScreenShot 4

ScreenShot 5

ScreenShot 6

ScreenShot 7

ScreenShot 8

ScreenShot 9

ScreenShot 10

ScreenShot 11

ScreenShot 12

ScreenShot 13

ScreenShot 14

ScreenShot 15

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To Sign Up Paypal Account, Click Here.

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