Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mySurvey Malaysia Review

Really bored and don't have anything to do? Join mySurvey and take some interesting surveys. After few surveys, you could redeem your points for the following vouchers. It will take few weeks to get the voucher process and delivered to you. My KFC/Pizzahut voucher below.

Available Rewards
Point Required
KFC Gift Voucher RM10
Parkson Gift Voucher RM20
McDonalds voucher RM10
Isetan Voucher RM 20
MPH Bookstores voucher RM10
RM5 McDonalds voucher
RM5 KFC Gift Voucher
JUSCO Gift Voucher RM 20
JUSCO Gift Voucher RM 10

mySurvey Malaysia Review
mySurvey Malaysia Review

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got my second payment from Adsense, USD $117.80

Finally, got my second payment. Half my income, got it from Hubpages and other half got it from blogger.  Need at least more than 50000 page views to generate this amount. The first payment, it took almost 1 year for me to cash out, and for second payment took about 5 month. Hopefully could get better result in future.

Ok guys, long way to go for me. Good luck.

Statement of Earnings

Payment From:
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043
Payment Number: 000XXXXXXXX
Payment Date: Nov 26, 2010
Payment Type: Western Union Quick Cash

Payment To:

Payment in Payment CurrencyUSD $117.80
Total:USD $117.80

How to receive Adsense money via Western Union at CIMB

Once Google has issued your adsense payment via Western Union Quick Cash, you could easily cash out the payment at CIMB bank(any western union local agents). Last time, I received my payment via standard check, it took almost six week for CIMB to clear the check.

By using Western Union, you could easily cash out the money.  You need to fill in the following details in the form.

  1. First Name (Exactly the same what you have entered in your Google Adsense Account)
  2. Last Name (Exactly the same what you have entered in your Google Adsense Account)
  3. Your Address :
  4. Sender Information : Who & The Address Details, just refer below.
  5. Money Transfer Control Number :
  6. Amount (in USD)

Payment TypeWestern Union Quick Cash
Payment DateNov 26, 2010
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)000879XXXX
Date Picked-upNov 29, 2010
Your payment is available for pick-up the day after the payment date above
Remember to bring the following when you pick up your payment at a local Western Union agent:
  • The amount of your payment
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for this payment
  • Your government issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, National ID, etc)
  • Sender's information:
  • Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 USA

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tradeshift Invoicing, How to send invoice to your customer

Hi guys, you could easily send invoice to your customer using It’s latest buzzz, in the net. TechCrunch thinks that Tradeshift as “One of the most potentially disruptive startups of the last ten years is emerging into the light”. 

Free service at the moment !

The steps to send an invoice are as follows:
  1. Create an account at
  2. Access the website and click Document Tab.
  3. Then Click Create new invoice
  4. Then select the recipient, you could find the recipient or add new recipient.
  5. Found the recipient you want to send, then Click Proceed.
  6. Enter the details in the invoice form, such as invoice number, issue date, delivery date, payment date, item description, price and payment methods.
  7. Then Click Preview. Or you could save it as a draft.
  8. Preview the invoice for any errors, if ok Click Send to send the invoice to your customer.
  9. Customer will receive an email notification attached with your invoice (pdf file). Customer could download and save the invoice. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

YTL Yes Coverage Map, YesCare

No to Parit Buntar, look like I have keep on with my maxis line.  The link to check whether your area is covered by Yes or Not is below. Register yourself to get email notification when it is up.

Yes device is only sold in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Other states to be covered later on.

You've received a Merchant Referral Bonus - Sample Email Notification

You've Received New Funds!


Thank you for referring a business to PayPal. You've just received a Merchant Referral Bonus in your PayPal account.

Bonus Details

Bonus Amount: $1.00 USD
Transaction ID: xxx64422AM4007xxx

View the details of this transaction online

Remember, every time someone you refer to PayPal signs up for a Premier or Business account you can earn a Merchant Referral Bonus. To learn more, just go to:



Sample of PayPal Merchant Referral Bonus


Thank you for referring MerchantA to PayPal. Because MerchantA just signed up for a Premier or Business PayPal account, you are now eligible to receive a Merchant Referral Bonus.

Here's how it works:

As soon as MerchantA has used PayPal to receive a total of $200.00 USD in payments, you will receive your initial bonus of $1.00 USD, which will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

In addition, once you've received your initial bonus, you will receive a residual payout based on the total amount of MerchantA 's PayPal payments for 12 months after MerchantA 's initial PayPal account creation.

PayPal encourages you to assist the new merchant get started with their account so you can get your money faster!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pixazza Review, Adsense For Images – Monetize Your Photos

I’am sure you’re familiar with contextual advertising platform such asAdsenseAdsBrite and Clicksorthat enable website publisher to earn advertisement revenue for their content.
But, till now I didn’t came across any company that could generate income for my images. Now, we could do it withPixazza.
There are few ways to monetize withPixazza.
One way is to sign up as Publisher and put Pixazza code in you blog.
To add in the code the steps are as follows.
  1. Sign Up as Pixazza Publisher. Enter your site details such number of visitor, site description and other relevant details.
  2. Then copy Pixazza code, and add in your blog. You’re supposed enter the javascipt before tag.
  3. But I add the code using the following method, it also work properly. Accessblogger, click Design Tab, Click Page Elements, then Click Add a Gadget, Click HTML/Javascipt.
  4. Add the pixazza code and Click Save.
  5. Position you pixazza code at the bottom of your page. Put below attribution. Done.
  6. Now wait for 1 day for Pixazza bots to crawl you blog. After I day you will notice Pixazza advertisements for each of your images.
  7. And wait for Pixazza to approve your site.
Another way to monetize your image is to tag your image and associate is with certain products. 
To tag the image, the steps are as follows.
  1. Go to the My Images page. You will see three tabs of images. If this is your first visit, all of your images will appear on the Untagged tab.
  2. Select a picture to tag by simply clicking on the image. If there are some images you don't want tag with any products or advertisements, you can hover over the image and click the Ignore link.
  3. You will be directed to a new screen to tag the image you selected.
  4. Start tagging by clicking the orange Add Tag button and clicking directly on the picture where you want to associate the tag. Once you click, a little target will appear on the image to remind you where you clicked.
  5. Now you can search for products that are similar to your item. Searching will start as soon as you begin typing in the text box.
  6. When you find a product you like, click on it. You'll see more details and the option to Select Product.
  • If you select the product, that product will now be assocated with the spot you clicked on the image. You don't need to save anything.
  • If you close the dialog, you can go back to searching for a better match.
  1. Once you've selected a product, you can continue to add more tags to the photo or go back to My Images and pick other pictures to tag.
Online Money as Product Expert
You could also sign up as a Product Expert, you could earn money by identifying, tagging, and matching products within online images and linking them to Pixazza advertisers' product inventories. You earn a sales commission on every transaction to purchase an identified product.

Latest Update : 2 weeks after writing this article.
Please Note : After putting the code, I got some click where visitors clicked the pixazza ads, but at the same time my adsense earning for my blog has reduced. So, I have decided to remove code and check whether my adsense earning will back to normal.

Friday, November 19, 2010

How to open .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files (Microsoft Office 2007)

Having trouble opening .docx and .pptx files that your friend send to you. Since Office 2007, Microsoft has been using Open XML file format for it word, excel and presentations files. Therefore now for word document it will have .docx extension, for excel the extension is .xlsx and for power point presentations the extension is .pptx.
To open and view office 2007 office word document, you need to download Word Viewer. You can view, print and copy the document.
Whereas to open .pptx file, you need to download PowerPoint Viewer 2007. You will be able view .pptx files and previous version PowerPoints.
If you have Microsoft Office 2003, you could edit the word document, excel workbook and powerpoint presentations by downloading Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats.
You can open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the Open XML file formats, which were introduced to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Office 2007.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sales Tip, Make them think it was their idea or decision?

Consumers value goals they've chosen on their own more than those that are imposed on them, according to a new study in theJournal of Consumer Research.

"When people believe they have autonomously chosen to pursue a goal themselves, they feel the goal is increasingly valuable as they put in more effort, because they experience their own effort as signaling how much they care about it," write authors Ying Zhang (University of Texas at Austin), Jing Xu, Zixi Jiang (both Peking University), and Szu-chi Huang (University of Texas at Austin).

It seems that when people believe a goal they are pursuing is imposed on them, they experience their efforts as a loss of autonomy. In other words, they value the goal less as they put in more effort.

The authors tested participants in four experiments. In the first study, they found that participants who made a free choice on the topic of an essay increased their efforts as they moved further into the task, whereas people who were assigned topics withdrew their efforts as they advanced in the task.

Next, the authors organized campaigns for two environmental issues, forest conservation and saving energy. They allowed half the participants to choose the campaign they would like to support, but randomly assigned a campaign to the remaining people. They then varied the amount of effort participants needed to provide to support their campaigns. People who were given a choice of which campaign to support reported that they cared more about the issue after putting in more effort. The people who were assigned a cause cared less about the issue after investing more effort.

"Our findings have important implications for understanding consumer behaviors," the authors write. "For example if a person chooses to stay in a certain hotel, he or she is likely to experience the choice as reflecting how much he or she likes this place, which should in turn increase the likelihood that this person will stay in the same hotel again."

Finally, the authors suggest that marketers can capitalize on consumer desire for autonomous choice. They suggest that someone might switch brand loyalty if confronted with the statement: "Your parents thought that would be a good car for you…do you?"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is requirements engineering process?

A requirements engineering process is a structured set of activities that is done to develop, validate and maintain a system requirements document. Activities involved in requirements engineering process are requirements elicitation, requirements analysis and negotiation, requirements documentation and requirements validation.

Requirements elicitation.
The system requirements are known by consulting the end users, project managers, from domain knowledge, from existing system documentation and other relevant sources. Other names for requirements elicitation are requirements acquisition or requirements discovery.

Requirements Analysis .
There requirements are analyzed for necessity of the requirements, consistency and completeness checking and whether the requirements are feasible in terms of budget and time.

Requirements Negotiation
Problematic requirements are identified and discussed to solve it. Stakeholders and software developers finally agree to make the necessary changes and finalize with set of agreed requirements.

Requirements Documentation.
The agreed requirements are documented using natural language which is understandable by all stakeholders. Supporting diagrams such use case diagrams or sequence diagrams are incorporated in the document to give higher level of details.

Requirements Validation
The agreed requirements are checked for consistency and completeness to detect any problem is the requirements before it used to develop the system. This activity will help to minimize cost of the fixing errors in the early stage of system development.

Reference : Requirements Engineering, Gerald Kotonya and Ian Sommerville.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Requirements Document (Software Requirements Specifications)

Requirements document or also know as Software Requirements Specification is official statement of the system requirements for end users, software developers, project managers and customers.
It is written using natural language which is easily understood by all readers. It should describe the following.
  1. The purpose of the software.
  2. Standard conventions used in the requirements document.
  3. Intended user and their level of technical competencies
  4. Project scope, it's goal; and objectives.
  5. Overall description to the software.
  6. Brief description of the software features.
  7. It's intended operating environments
  8. Design and system constraints under which the system must operate.
  9. User documentations that should be delivered with the project.
  10. Functional requirements of the software.
  11. Non functional requirements such as performance, safety, security and reliability requirements.
  12. And other external interface requirements such as software requirements, hardware requirements and communication requirements.
To support the requirements document you could use use case diagrams and sequence diagrams to have higher level of details.
Please click here, to get requirements document template.

Google Voice Review

I have been using Google voice for few weeks now and find out that it is something that you could use to save cost to make international calls.
The rates are much more competitive compared to traditional telephone network provider.
To make calls to any fixed or mobile number, you need to add credit of 10 / 25 / 50 USD. Once you have added credit , you could call from Gmail orGoogle Voice.
In Gmail, it is located below the label section. There is a Call Phone link, click the link then the phone box will pop up at the bottom-right hand side of the screen. Enter the number and just click Call to make you call.
Called to India and Bangladesh using it. The rate to India is only 0.06 USD per minute, whereas Maxis rate is 0.16 USD / minute. For Bangladesh, the rate is only 0.10 USD compared to Maxis the rate is 0.17 USD / minute. For other countries also, if I compare the rates between Google Voice and Maxis (cell phone line), Google Voice rate is much more cheaper.
Normally, I will use it for initial call for my cold callings, since the quality of call still depends on my broadband connectivity. If the quality is good, then could reduce my sales call cost. However, if it's poor that I have to rely on my cell phone line.
How about SkypeSkype rate to India is 0.106 USD/ minute and to Bangladesh is 0.159 USD/minute.
So, for now will I hang on with Google Voice. Hopefully their phone call quality will improve in the future.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


IDE which means Integrated Development Environment software that allows developers to develop new application faster. Java IDE software includes program to write Java programs, compile it, debug for any errors and packed with other useful modules in it.
Some of the more advance JAVA IDE softwares, supports graphical user interface that helps to develop java programs much faster.
NetBeans IDE 6.9.1
The NetBeans IDE is an award-winning integrated development environment available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. The NetBeans project consists of an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications using the Java platform, as well as JavaFX, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++.

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

IntelliJ IDEA
IntelliJ IDEA is a code-centric IDE focused on developer productivity. IntelliJ IDEA deeply understands your code and gives you a set of powerful tools without imposing any particular workflow or project structure.

JCreator is the development tool for every programmer that likes to do what he does best: programming. It is faster, more efficient and more reliable than other Java IDE’s. Therefore it is the perfect tool for programmers of every level, from learning programmer to Java-specialist.

WINDEV, a powerful IDE & ALM suite, lets you build strategic projects easily and quickly thanks to its total integration, ease-of-use and cutting-edge technology. .Net, Java code and more!

Visual J++ 6.0
Microsoft® Visual J++® is an integrated Windows-hosted development tool for Java programming. Visual J++ allows you to create, modify, build, run, debug, and package an application, all within a single environment.

Java IDE
Stylus Studio® includes a powerful built-in Java IDE to accelerate development of XML-enabled Java / J2EE applications.

DrJava is a lightweight development environment for writing Java programs. It is designed primarily for students, providing an intuitive interface and the ability to interactively evaluate Java code. It also includes powerful features for more advanced users. DrJava is available for free under the BSD License, and it is under active development by the JavaPLT group at Rice University.

BlueJ is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to link properly for SEO: 10 Useful Tips for New Websites

The way you link, both internally and externally from your site, is crucial for achieving results in today's competitive market. Getting help from an SEO Agency can give you the advantage you need when it comes to search engine ranking and those all-important hits on your site.

As SEO experts are bound to point out, it's a process that needs to be carried on over time and considered whenever you make any changes to your site. As a new site you'll need strategies to assist you in climbing the ladder to good Internet ranking placement as quickly as possible.

Here are 10 very useful tips on links and linking architecture for anyone with an interest in SEO, and if you're involved in marketing of any kind over the Internet, then that's you.

1. Think About Who Links to You

You'll already know the value of reputation when it comes to marketing your product or service. If sites that are associated with good quality products are clearly seen by users and search engines to link to your own then this will reflect well on you.

Pay close attention to the number of .com and sites that link to you, for example, and think carefully about ways in which you can encourage others to do likewise.

2. Think About Who You Link to

The same rules as before. Linking to good quality sites reflects well on your own. Keep up to date with innovations and developments and stay relevant with fresh links on your pages. Try to develop a balanced portfolio of links on your site.

3. Avoid Broken Links

As part of ongoing site maintenance for SEO you should be aware of any links that are no longer in use and remove them from your site.

4. Think About Relevance

This is very important. Link to sites with a clear relevance to your own only. Search engines pay special attention to this, as do users, and every irrelevant link on your page is detrimental.

5. Internal Links

Think about internal links and whether your site is user friendly. Make the most of internal links and get some advice from SEO experts about ways to link internally that will benefit your site's ranking.

6. Maps

Think about linking back to homepage and site maps. Make your site as easily navigable as possible. This will encourage users and benefit your site as search engines see these links when they probe it. A map is a useful way to introduce internal links and make the site easier to get around.

7. Link Building

Think about the use of exact match terms for link building. Build links using exactly matching anchor text. Remember though, don't get carried away - an excess use of keywords can be as bad as a lack. Using terms you want to rank for and that summarise the topic referred to, in moderation, can strengthen the ratings of your site by search engines.

Find a balance and use your senses. If you feel that you've gone overboard with repeated words or phrases in your internal links then you probably have.

8. Avoid Cloaking

Search engines are increasingly sophisticated at detecting 'black hat' or unscrupulous SEO techniques. While it may be tempting to improve your popularity on the net by attracting unwitting visitors to your site, be aware that techniques that accomplish this can get you into trouble.

Users and search engines are alike in their approach to cloaking - they don't accept or tolerate it. Stay within the boundaries to avoid problems.

9. Look at Where Your Competitors Link

This is legal and it can give you an advantage or at least level the playing field somewhat when it comes to links. Go to Yahoo and type in link: to get access to useful tools for viewing your competition's linking activity. Remember that knowledge is power.

10. Strategise

Have a solid strategy for linking to, from and within your site. Think before you link and use every intelligent strategy at your disposal. Getting advice from website optimization specialists can really help.

To conclude, it's hoped that some important considerations about link building were highlighted for you here in our list.

Some areas were only touched upon, and in an environment such as computing where change is a constant, it pays to stay abreast of developments. Remember that if you're short on time, search engine optimisation specialists are available for SEO and improving your ranking and your profits.

Credit To : Sam Desilwa - provides Seo and Search Engine Optimisation Services. Visit for more information.
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