Friday, April 30, 2010

Tips To Get More Power From Google

Tips on how you can get you answers easily from Google, from the meaning of words to the weather condition of your city.

Just type the right prefix and Google will give the information you are looking for.

For example, it is easier to get the meaning of word in Google by just typing >> define: “the word you want to find the meaning”

Google Dictionary

For example, to find the meaning of “worthwhile”, you just need type define: worthwhile

List of worthwhile meanings from Google.
  • sufficiently valuable to justify the investment of time or interest; "a worthwhile book" -
  • Good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on -
  • worthwhileness - value sufficient to repay time or effort spent -
  • worthwhileness - The condition of being worthwhile -
  • producing satisfactory or useful results –

Find Time

If you want find the time of city / country. Then type >> 

time + the name of the city / country 
time: + the name of the city / country

For example, if you want to find the current time of New Delhi, just type >> 

time New Delhi 
time: New Delhi 

to find the current time.

Google Weather Forecast

To check the weather, type >> 

weather + the name of city/country. 

 To know Moscow weather, just type >> 

weather Moscow

Looks like it is going to rain from Sunday to Tuesday this week.

Google Finance

If you have shares in stock market, then to find the company's performance just type the ticker symbol of the company in Google.

For example, to find out how Google is doing, just type >> 


Why on earth people are selling Google's share ?

To find out the ticker symbol, please visit

This is limited to selected stock markets only.

Measurement Units Conversion

Next, what else ? If you want convert measurement units, then type >> 

“quantity” + “from unit of measurement” + “in” “to unit of measurement”

For example, 10 acres equal to how many hectares, type

10 acres in hectares

Type of conversion you could do.

Inch to Cm >> 100 cm in inches
Celsiun to fahrenheit >> 100 celsius in fahrenheit
pound to kg >> 150 pound in kg
US cups to US fluid ounces >> 2 US cups = 16 US fluid ounces

And many mores........

Google Currency Converter

And if you want to convert Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollar. 

 Just type > 

amount + “From Currency Symbol” in “To Currency Symbol”

For example, type >> 

1 myr in usd

So, today rate is 1 Malaysian ringgit = 0.313381 U.S. Dollars . 

Looks like US dollar is getting weaker and weaker compared to Malaysian Ringgit for the past few weeks.

Find Similar Website

To find a similar type of website, then type >> 

“related:”+“web url”

, without any space between “related:” + “url”.

For example, to find a similar website for, then just type >>

Some of the similar sites with You can get good hotel and flight deals from the following sites as well.


For moviegoers, the keyword is movie + location Or showtimes + location

 For example, for my Indian friends in New delhi, type >> 

movies New Delhi

You will see Showtimes for New Delhi, Delhi link, click the link to find the latest movies.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weather Widget For Your Blog / Website

Spice up your blog or website with weather information for your city. The widget is free and they have different types of back ground for your to choose.
To add the weather widget in your blog or website:
  1. Visit
  2. Select your location.
  3. Select the size of weather widget you want to use.
  4. Choose the background.
  5. Enter your email address, blog url and Click Get Weather Widget.
  6. Copy and Paste the weather code in your blog.

To add in the code in your blogger, follow the following steps.
  1. Sign In To Blogger,
  2. Click Layout Tab > Page Elements
  3. Click Add A Gadget > Click HTML/JavaScript to add the weather code.
  4. Click Save & Arrange The gadget position.
  5. Click Save The Layout.

You could find the weather for blog widget in action at

Choose Your Location & Size

Choose Your background

Copy & Paste The Code in Your Blog or Website

Submit Url to 40 + search engine and directories

Old Ways
Submitting your website url to search engines is very important.
Once you have submitted the url, then only the search engine will know about your site and it will index your site and show up your site for relevant keywords searches.
If not most probably your clients couldn't find you site/s and your website will not generate the leads for your business.
In old days, to submit urls we need to go to each individual search engine to submit the website. Such as the following urls.
If you want to submit to 40 search engine, you need to visit all the search engine site to submit your website url.

New Way
Now, you could easily submit your website url to more than 40 search engines and directories at Submit Express.
Just enter your website url, email address, the correct captcha and Click Submit.
Submit Express auto script will submit your url to the following major search engines.
  1. Google
  2. Whatuseek
  3. Wisenut
  4. ExactSeek
  5. Scrubtheweb
  6. Jayde

Plus, your site will be listed in the following sites as well
  1. AOL Search
  2. HotBot
  4. Metacrawler
  5. Dogpile
  6. Mamma
  7. C4
  9. ixquick
  10. Fast Search (
  11. Query Server
  12. 800go
  13. Debriefing
  14. Highway 61
  16. OneSeek
  17. MetaSpider
  18. Vivisimo
  19. PlanetSearch
  20. qbSearch
  21. ProFusion
  22. Proteus
  23. Go 2 Net
  25. WebFile
  26. myGO
  27. Megacrawler
  28. Search Climbers

Now, that is easy !

Monday, April 19, 2010

4 Things an Ethical Internet Marketer Can Learn from Spammers

First things first: We hate spam. And we hate spammers. Maybe even more than you do.

So this article isn’t about endorsing spam in any way, or suggesting that you do anything unethical.

But as much as we hate spam and wish it didn’t exist, we can’t deny one fact.

Spammers make a killing online.

Just to give you an idea, last year a Russian investigation found a network of spammers selling fake goods and fake pills online. Each spammer was making, on average, $4,600 per day.

Sure, the spammers use the “law of large numbers” to achieve these results. But you also need marketing savvy to make more than $1.5 million a year selling fake stuff to people who would rather shoot themselves in the left foot than listen to you.

When I started looking more closely at their tactics, I found some valuable lessons any marketer should know.

1. Go where the fish are

What is the most important factor you need to have if you want to go fishing?

Most people will say the fishing rod. Others will say the bait, or a boat. Interestingly enough, they are all wrong.

The most important element of the equation is the presence of lots of fish.

If you have a lake full of fish but don’t have a fishing rod or bait, you can probably still improvise something that would let you enjoy a fish dinner tonight.

But no matter how great your bait or how cutting-edge your equipment, if there aren’t any fish, there’s no fish dinner.

Spammers know this, and they always focus their efforts on the niches with the largest number of fish. That means they always target known customers willing to spend money. Examples include health-related niches, luxury goods, anti-virus software, and, of course, men who want access to certain prescription medicines without getting into embarrassing conversations with their doctors.

Lesson learned: If you target a niche that’s too obscure, you’ll have a hard time making money even if your product and marketing are outstanding. If you target a large and profitable market, of course you’ll face more competition. But it’s a lot easier to improve your product and marketing than it is to manufacture buying customers out of thin air.

2. The money is in the list

Email is the most direct type of communication we have. That’s why spammers love it so much. It allows them to display their messages right in the face of their victims.

Now, if creepy, bottom-dwelling spammers get a conversion rate high enough to keep them in business, imagine what kind of results you can get with:

A legitimate, permission-based list of people who want to hear from you,
Terrific content that benefits the reader, and
Smart, respectful promotion of excellent products and services?
Lesson learned: If you are not building your email list, you are almost certainly leaving a lot of money on the table. Blogs, social networking, and various kinds of advertising are all useful tools. But email is still the “killer app” for building relationships with your prospects and clients.

3. Copywriting, copywriting, copywriting

Ever wondered how scammers manage to convince people to buy fake products?

It comes down to one word: copywriting.

Spammers may not always write the most poetic English. But they do use solid, time-tested copywriting techniques. If you master the essentials of copywriting yourself, you’d be able to sell crappy products to a fair number of people. (Not that we recommend that.)

But because you have a quality product or service and a great reputation, you’ll be able to sell it to lots and lots of people. Who will, in turn, tell their friends about how terrific you are.

There are lots of places you can get solid copywriting advice, including:

The Copywriting 101 series on Copyblogger (free)
Copyblogger’s Internet Marketing for Smart People newsletter (free)
Read classic books on copywriting (inexpensive)
Take a paid copywriting course — one that focuses on persuasive writing that sells rather than beautiful or “creative” writing (can be expensive, but if you’re a serious marketer, it’s worth it)
Lesson learned: Copywriting matters just as much as having a quality product or service. In some situations it matters even more. Never shortchange the attention and care you give to your copywriting.

4. Scale matters

Do you know how many emails a spammer needs to send out to get one sale? More than a million.

That’s right, their conversion rates are usually lower than 0.0001%.

So how can they make those thousands of dollars per day in profits? By sending out millions and millions of messages.

Obviously we are not saying you should start spamming people like there is no tomorrow. What you need to keep in mind, however, is that even great conversion rates are still pretty low in the scheme of things.

If you were able to convert 5 or 6% of your list to becoming paying customers, you’d be doing a fantastic job. Which means 95% of your list won’t ever spend a dime with you.

In fact, for many marketers, a conversion rate of 1% is doing quite well. That means if you have 1,000 subscribers on your email list and you send them an email talking about your latest product, you’re doing well if 10 people buy it.

Lesson learned: Numbers aren’t the only thing, but they do matter. If your main income source is your website, learn how to get as much traffic as possible. If your main income source is your email list, learn how to get as many subscribers as possible.

How to do that? Keep following blogs like this one and putting their advice into action.

About the Author: Daniel Scocco is the owner of Daily Blog Tips. He is also the author of the “Make Money Blogging” ebook, which you can download for free by signing up for his newsletter here.

Source :

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Google Translate For Website and Joomla 1.5

Now you could develop website with multiple languages with ease. Just add in Google Translator in your website. With more languages option, your website will reach more audience. Plus, you don't have hire a translator to do it.

To add in google translator for your website, just go to Google Translate.

Then change the settings for the gadget, adjust the height and weight and if you want, you could change the title as well. Modify the corners according to your site design.

Google Translate for Website

Then click Get Code to add in the gadget, copy and paste the code in your website page. 

Google Translate for Website

If you want to add in joomla, then you could add in the gadget by installing easy adsense module, to get the module go to Easy Adsense

I tried with one joomla module with Google Translator, but it gave me some errors while using Google Chrome.

Install the module as usual and the paste the code in adsense code field. Enable the module and position the module at the location you want and save.

To view Google Translator in action, please visit Penang Website Design. Good luck!

Google Translate for Website

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nice Blogger Plugin, Feedjit Live Traffic Feed

Nice Blogger Plugin, Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Photo

I have been using this widget call feedjit live traffic feed for my blog such as or to track how people are coming to my blog.

It gives me some idea how well i have optimize my site to be search engine friendly and provides some intelligent data how to make my sites better.

I know what keywords people are using to find information about their interest. So, with this kind of information it helps you to increase your blogging productivity.

The widget is totally free and the steps to install is very easy. Just sign in into your blogger first.

Then go to this url to add the widget,

There is four types of widget you could add in, they are Feedjit Live Traffic Feed, Live Traffic Map, Recommend Reading & Page popularity.

To add in the live traffic, below Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Click To Add To Blogger link to add the widget in your blogger. It will redirect to your blog.

Choose the blog you want to add in the widget, then arrange the widget position in your blogger layout and Click Save.

Now, view the blog and it is there !
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