Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monetize Your Incoming Traffic With Domain Name Parking

Do you have unused domain name and haven't decided when to develop your website? You could used the idle domain name to earn some Internet money.
The steps to monetize your unused domain name are as follow.
1.Create an account with Sedo.
2.Add domains into your Sedo account and it has to go to through Sedo's verification process.
3.Then you need to redirect the traffic your domains receive to Sedo’s parking servers, you can either redirect by  Name Server (DNS) forwarding or URL forwarding.  Please note, it may take up to 72 hours for any changes you make to take effect and for your domains to appear parked.
4.Then optimize your domain to generate the best result.  Use Sedo's domain name optimizer to edit your domain name keyword, landing page template, related links and image.
Once you have created an account, list the domains, redirect your traffic and optimize your landing page. 
Your domain name will have list of advertisements and if any consumers click the link, you will earn money.
Sedo will make payment once you got 20 USD via Paypal and for direct deposit the minimum amount is 50 USD. 
For example of domain name parking, please visit

Friday, May 21, 2010

Email Marketing Software, Creating Email Campaigns Using Mail Chimp Email Marketing Software

So, the final part of email marketing tutorial is how to send your emails to your newsletter subscribers using Mail Chimp.
I hope you have already read the first tutorial how to add newsletter subscription form in your blog. You need to have the form, to build your mailing list.
Plus, you have add in the evil pop up newsletter subscription form as well in your blog to increase the number of subscription.
To create your email campaign, is very easy. The briefs steps are as follows.
  1. Access Mail Chimp
  2. Click Campaign
  3. Create Campaign
  4. At Campaign Builder , choose regular ol champaign
  5. Choose the list your want to send emails, you could send to segment of your list or entire list.
  6. Add Campaign Info
  7. Select the template for the email.
  8. Edit the html email message as you want.
  9. Send a test email to your own email, check it is ok.
  10. Next, you need to check you plain text message, please note you don't need to edit, Mail chimp will follow the content of your html message. Just edit if necessary.
  11. Send a test plain text email message, if you to check.
  12. Just click Send Now to send the emails to your subscribers.
That's all to send your email.
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Video tutorial below for the details.

Email Marketing Software, Adding Pop Up Newsletter Subscription Form in Blogger / Website

Hi, you want to see my evil pop up subscription form in action, visit my blog at
After 15 seconds, you will see my evil pop-up. Hope you sign up to my newsletter.
By using evil pop up, you could add in more subscribers to your newsletter, and more $$$.
To add the form, the steps are almost similar with the previous tutorial, except that you need to enable the evil pop up mode when you design the form. Image below.
Plus, when you add in the code in blogger please remember to add the gadget below the post.
You could refer to video below how to get it done.
After this I will show you how to run your first email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Software, How To Add Newsletter Subscription Form In Your Blog / Website

Creating your own newsletter subscription form for your blog is a key step in having a successful blogger career. Remember even spammers know the important of having mailing list.
The more number of regular visitors to your website or blog, means more revenue for you. So, for this tutorial I will teach you how to add a newsletter subscription form in your blog.
You could see my form in action at If you want to subscribe, just add in your details in form to subscribe to my newsletter.
I am using Mail Chimp service for this tutorial and you could use them also. They got free starter package for email marketing and list management service.
Once you have create an account with Mail Chimp, you need to create your list first.
Then setup the list. Once you have setup your list, you have create the form for your newsletter subscription.
To create the form,

  • Click Design Sign Up Form
  • Click Embed Source Code For Small Form
  • Define your Form Structure and you could preview the form at your left hand side. Just don't tick enable evil pop up mode.
  • Once satisfied, copy the code and paste the code in your blogger or website.
To add in the code in Blogger, the steps are as follows:

  • Login To Your Blog
  • Click Layout
  • Add Gadget, Click HTML/Javascript.
  • Add the code and position the gadget in your blog.
  • Save.
With that you could have people signing up to your blog. After this I will show how to add evil popup in your blog.
Video tutorial below, so that you won't get lost.

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